We offer a specialist service that will change the way you think about your people, their understanding about their job and themselves, as well as offering you the opportunity to design your own assessments using our established approach to writing assessment questions.


We are helping many companies assess, manage and mitigate their People Risk, helping them to identify specific needs and qualities in their organisation and ensuring their businesses are compliant and effective.

By working with global businesses across a range of industry sectors, including retail, banking, transport and telecommunications, we are helping companies assess their employees’ ability, knowledge and confidence, ensuring they are confidently knowledgeable about their field of expertise.

Our specialities are in three key areas:

Safety Culture surveys

To mitigate organisational and People Risk, employees need to be fully engaged with health and safety initiatives, while companies need to understand their own organisational culture to implement these initiatives effectively. To establish an understanding of the safety culture, we work with companies to design a safety culture survey relevant for them. This gives them a clearer view of how their employees perceive health and safety to determine what’s missing in the health and safety puzzle.


We are working with companies to create customised assessments that measure their employees’ understanding, competence and confidence in job roles that are important to an organisation’s operational performance. These assessments are helping them to really understand the areas they need to measure and identifying People Risks, issues and challenges, as well as developmental opportunities and key influencers of knowledge and talent. Find out more

Assessment Writing & Design

Our two day assessment and writing design workshop shows businesses everything they need to know about how to design and write effective assessments. We demonstrate how our unique approach can establish the foundations for successful, valid and reliable performance measures for organisations.

The workshop will focus on:

– How to create an effective assessment

-Demonstrating good practice in assessment design

– How to gain a unique perspective on the subject to be tested

– How to write effective questions

– Creating an assessment that is valid and reliable

– Evaluating practical examples developed on the workshop that can be used in your organisation

Download our PDF to find out more: Assessment Writing and Design PDF