Our customised situational judgement assessments measure a unique combination of employees’ understanding, competence and confidence in areas important to an organisation’s operational performance and business objectives.


Our assessments are ideal for companies with employees in different locations and provide the quick identification of employee knowledge gaps.

Our occupational psychologists and business experts collaborate closely with customers to create customised assessments applicable to individual job roles and functions that are aligned with business goals.

The assessments, delivered through our Competency Management and People Risk  Platform my*KNOW, produce insightful, precise data, pinpointing employees who may be putting the organisation at risk – enabling our customers to make informed choices about how to mitigate the risks identified.

Our approach is different as we accurately measure what employees understand about their job, and we draw upon years of research in the areas of memory, learning, understanding, decision-making and education to develop our assessments.

We don’t just assess memory, a common flaw in many assessments today, as memory alone cannot determine if a task will be completed correctly. Our assessments measure understanding – how knowledge is applied on the job – and how people think, act and behave at work. The results show if an individual will complete a task successfully – crucial in minimising People Risk.

We use multiple response questions as opposed to multiple choice questions, so individuals can’t guess the answers but need to draw upon their knowledge base. We measure the individual’s confidence in their understanding which provides insight into how knowledge will be applied and the likely decisions that will be made.

We reveal what people know, what they don’t know and what they think they know highlighting risk areas and identifying specific training needs.

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