Learning Technologies 2017 Owen Ashby presents on People Risk

Owen Ashby Learning TechnologiesThis year’s Learning Technologies Conference was buzzing with new ideas and enthusiasm across the industry. Cognisco’s Owen Ashby presented in the main conference on People Risk, the perils of “recall testing” and the “unconscious incompetent”. Owen refers to work and research by Anders Ericsson in, “Peak: Secrets from the new science of expertise” and Matthew  Syed’s excellent “Black Box Thinking” and sets out how Cognisco has worked with organisations of stature for many years to help highlight and address these challenges.

On the second day Owen presented with KPMG on a new approach to compliance and regulation. For more information on either topic please get in touch: oashby@cognisco.com

You can watch the presentation here Owen Ashby Learning Tech 2017

By Dominic Hodges

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