Maintaining a Consistently Competent Workforce

What are the benefits?

– Reduced exposure to risk of serious incidents

– Identify currently qualified staff regardless of their location

– Rapid build and deployment of new teams or workgroups

– Visibility of upcoming assessments or licensing requirements

– Roll-back capability to evidence competence of any individual at any given time

– Reduced time, cost and resource involved in issue resolution or litigation

– Easily generate management and audit level reports

– Identify gaps and issues in current workforce competence or qualification

– A direct and real time connection into your existing learning resources and platforms


What’s the Problem?

Organisations that operate in high risk industries with a mobile, disparate or fluid workforce are often frustrated by the inability to identify individual employees who are currently qualified, licenced or capable of carrying out a given task or operation.

Holding a record of employee certificates and licences is not enough when you need to be confident that the people you select today are currently qualified, licenced and trained and will work or deliver in the way you need them to.

For those operating in regulated industries, the ability to prove compliance and competence of each individual at a specific time and date, will prove critical in meeting industry standards and also in reducing the significant cost, time and resource involved in any incident related litigation or enquiry.


How could you Solve it?

Using Cognisco’s my*KNOW platform organisations can quickly and easily add and build competency frameworks. Collating and managing certifications and licences for each individual is easy and keeping a track of assessments taken, learning and development requirements identified and upcoming courses, events or activities by individual and by team is simple.

Each individual can keep a track of their own progress, can record and evidence their own skills and certificates, take online assessments and find and access any appropriate learning or development material they require.

Providing a clear and auditable trail of employee competence and accreditation at any point in time proves invaluable for both meeting regulatory compliance and in significantly reducing the cost and time involved in any incident related litigation.

So, identifying the currently qualified or licenced individuals in an organisation is now straightforward and building them into work groups or teams is a simple “drag and drop” exercise.


How can you be sure?

Traditional assessment processes fail to uncover what an individual actually understands about how, when and why they should apply the knowledge (or training) they have been given in practical day to day terms. This means that even those who score highly on post training assessments may well apply their recently acquired knowledge incorrectly when faced with a real life situation.

Over the course of 20 Years and countless thousands of assessments, Cognisco are able to evidence that on average up to 30% of any workforce will unwittingly have a low enough level of understanding to place the organisation at significant risk.

Where required, Cognisco’s unique approach to employee assessment evidences where there are hidden gaps in each individual’s understanding of any given subject or process that may pose a risk to your operation.


What will we do?

– Work with you to review your current Competency Frameworks /help you build them if you don’t have them today and upload then into our my*KNOW platform in just a few hours.

– Help you integrate any existing employee certifications, records or related documents

– Create the real time links into your existing data and knowledge platforms to enable employees to get the specific learning and insight they need – fast.


Where appropriate

– Deliver an assessment that will discover and expose the specific gaps in employee understanding that may pose a risk to your operation.

– Provide your staff with my*KNOW to access and take small, regular and focussed assessments and direct them to the specific learning tools and information they need to plug any gaps.

– Provide your team leaders and managers my*KNOW’s intuitive dashboard reporting to enable then to identify and address development or coaching issues before they become a problem.

– Enable the wider organisation to structure, plan and budget training for the future and to manage, monitor and mitigate any potential risks with my*KNOW reports.


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By Cognisco

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