People Insights Podcast

Welcome to our series of “People Insights” podcasts. In this series we explore a wide range of people focused issues and areas, and invite contributors from a cross section of industry, academia, technology, psychology and consulting.

Welcome to Episode 2 of our People Insights series: Sarah Schwab

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Welcome to Episode 1 of our People Insights series: Laurent Balagué

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About Owen Ashby, Director Strategic Alliances and Engagement

I am fascinated by people and am constantly intrigued by how they work and why they act and behave as they do. I am equally fascinated by how people interact and respond to their working environment, the constructs they are required to work in (formal and informal) and their attitudes and responses to their own careers, their capacity and their own potential. When you combine those elements with the dynamic of the business world, change, regulation and uncertainty, it gets all-together more interesting. Today, I help organisations and those that work within them, to see, understand and quantify, capability, to maximise the opportunity and potential in people and to identify, mitigate and remediate the risk that them not knowing, misunderstandng or being “over-confident” might present. I count myself lucky to work in global, diverse and highly complex and challenging environments and I love every minute of it..

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