Customer Service Excellence in a regulated environment

The Challenge

Organisations striving to deliver excellence in Customer Service across a Multi-Channel environment rely on employees providing customers with accurate information and handling every query or processing every request in a professional, timely and efficient manner.

However, despite a significant and continual investment in Training, Knowledge Management and e-Learning, Customer Service staff often still make errors in handling even the most basic of requests.

These errors can compound to have an adverse effect on internal operational metrics and of course customer experience, which ultimately leads to poor brand perception, low Net Promoter scores and less than favourable showing in industry comparison tables. Ultimately it can and does lead to unfavourable Press attention and in the worst of cases, a significant financial penalty.


How can you solve it?

Cognisco shows organisations where there are hidden gaps in each individual’s understanding of any given subject or process that are causing them to provide inaccurate information or carry out a process incorrectly.

Using Cognisco’s my*KNOW platform the individual can then be directed to specific and relevant information or learning resources to help address the specific gap in their understanding.

Team leaders and Managers can track and monitor individual team member progress and the wider Organisation can more readily identify trends before they become problems and can more accurately plan and budget for further training and development, based now on empirical evidence of the precise need.

What are the benefits?



Reduction in Customer complaints Improved Issue Resolution Time
Improved Net Promoter Score Fewer Customer Call Backs
Lower risk of adverse PR Reduced IVR/Call Drop outs
Reduced risk of regulator pressure Basic procedures adhered to
Fewer Customer switching requests Less reliance on Team leader issue resolution
A more consistent Customer Experience Improved Multi-Channel Consistency


How do we do that?

Traditional assessment processes fail to uncover what an individual actually understands about how, when and why they should apply the knowledge (or training) they have been given in practical day- to-day terms. This means that even those who score highly on post- training assessments may well apply their recently acquired knowledge incorrectly when faced with a real life situation.

Over the course of 20 Years and countless thousands of assessments, Cognisco are able to evidence that on average up to 30% of any workforce will unwittingly have a low enough level of understanding to place the organisation at significant risk.


Cognisco’s expert Occupational Psychologist consultants and our team will work with you to:

– Design a new style of assessment that will discover and expose the specific gaps in employee knowledge and understanding that are causing consistent errors.

– Review and assess existing and planned training interventions and learning materials to ensure they are aligned to address the specific needs and requirements of your staff and the objectives of the organisation.

– Provide your staff with my*KNOW to access and take small, regular and focussed assessments and direct them to the specific learning tools and information they need to plug any gaps.

– Provide your team leaders and managers my*KNOW’s intuitive dashboard reporting to enable then to identify and address development or coaching issues before they become a problem.

– Enable the wider organisation to structure, plan and budget training for the future and to manage, monitor and mitigate any potential risks with my*KNOW reports.


Where to start?

Post an initial exploratory discussion we find a pilot assessment is the fastest way to identify the primary issue areas and agree a plan for remedial action.


Who to contact?

Martin Lynch

07515 995523


Download your PDF version here: Customer Service Excellence in a regulated environment


By Cognisco

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