The utilities industry faces many challenges and ensuring employees are competent, fit to practice and compliant is essential to avoid risks of injuries, death and compensation claims. One area where we’re working in the sector is with assessing employee risk for those working with underground cables.






Every year there are more than 60,000 cable strike incidents in the UK utilities sector, many of which result in serious injury or death. These can cost businesses millions in associated damages and compensation costs. Many companies have invested heavily in technical training, yet accidents keep happening.

We have designed a new approach to training and assessing cable operators, based on the latest training and assessment techniques, which is designed to help companies improve the competence, knowledge and attitudes of operatives and supervisors, enabling them to uncover knowledge gaps and determine the specific interventions needed to improve their performance and safety.

Our unique assessments have been taken by over 1,000 operatives within Thames Water, eight2O and the Optimise joint venture. These organisations now understand where there are knowledge gaps in crucial areas for operatives, which they are now managing and mitigating, and as a result up-skilling their workforce with targeted interventions.

As experts in the assessment, management and mitigation of People Risk we can help the utilities industry address competence, compliance, health and safety and fitness to practice, helping to reduce the number of injuries and deaths due to employee negligence. The sector can also benefit from using our Competency Management and People Risk Platform, my*KNOW, that can help large organisations with employees at many different sites identify immediately any areas that may pose a risk or require specific interventions.

You can find out more about the program here