Health and Social Care

Health and Social care organisations face unprecedented levels of demand for their service. Health Care Commissioners balance competing demands for limited resources, while health and social care professionals are tasked with delivering clinical excellence and world leading patient care in an environment of intense public and media scrutiny and increasing levels of regulatory pressure.

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Health & Social Care

There can be few industries as uniquely reliant on the capability and confidence of their people as the Health and Social Care sector.

Delivering world-class care, regardless of the setting, requires a workforce that is not only trained and qualified, but one that is kept continuously up to date with knowledge and expertise, is demonstrably competent in using that knowledge and has the confidence to act with certainty when called upon to do so.

Cognisco works with Health and Social Care organisations to help them realise the full potential of their workforce and to identify, mitigate and manage any gaps in knowledge, understanding or confidence that may pose a risk either to the patient, resident or service user, or to the reputation or operational effectiveness of the organisation itself.

Data, reports and analytics are delivered via our my*KNOW platform and are generated by our unique approach to assessment, developed with our own expert in house team of Occupational Psychologists.

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As a result;

Individuals build their knowledge, understanding and confidence in their work and are inspired and assisted in continually developing and reflecting on their work and practice.

Managers are provided an accurate and up to date insight into each individual’s specific knowledge or confidence gaps and are able to define the most appropriate and cost effective intervention.

The Executive is provided the data, insight and assurance it needs to plan and execute more effectively, to mitigate against reputational and operational risk, and to ensure and evidence consistent quality and ongoing due diligence when reporting back to the relevant regulatory authorities.

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