Employee misunderstanding and/or inappropriate attitude to risk may result in significant fines and loss of shareholder value. We work with several banks and financial services companies to help them understand employees’ competence, skills, knowledge and experience; how they actually behave on the job and their attitude to risk.



The Finance Sector has been through a significant period of change recently and there have been a number of issues resulting in a lack of trust in banks. However, reform is underway (Senior Managers Regime and Certification Regime) and most banks are recognising the need for transformation. In this connection, the new Banker’s Standards Review Board (BSRB) will promote an ongoing review of competence, culture and behaviour.

Retail Banking in 2020 will look very different from today as banks focus more on the customer, simplifying their business models and using innovation for their advantage whilst managing risk. It is important that banks do not stand still or they will be left behind as others become more competitive. The traditional banking operating model is costly as products have become more complex and legacy systems add to the expense.

There is a need to simplify products, channels and prices whilst improving the customer experience to attract and keep new customers.

Cognisco is working with a number of financial services organisations helping to reduce their exposure to regulatory, reputational, conduct and People Risk whilst at the same time improving the customer experience and culture.

How can we help

Cognisco helps firms to mitigate risk, not just in process but people related where the continuous improvement of staff capability and confidence drives a change in behaviour, and culture, particularly with customers.

my*KNOW provides the data, analytics and evidence needed to make strategic people based decisions and deployments ­to evidence regulatory compliance, to reduce the cost of audit and mitigation and to more accurately target training investment and interventions.

Cognisco has developed a unique approach to the assessing and evidencing of what people really know and understand and how likely they are to act, work or behave in any given circumstance related to their role, process or framework.

For over 17 years Cognisco has provided firms in high risk and regulated industries this ‘insight’ into the hidden gaps in each individual’s understanding of any given subject or process.

People Risk

At Cognisco we call this People Risk as you can refine, optimise and embed as many bullet proof processes and training procedures you like, but it is down to your people to understand how to apply them, when to use the knowledge they have been trained for certain scenarios and have the confidence to do so under pressure.

In our experience as much as 30% of an orgnaisations workforce have a serious gap in their understanding of a particular aspect of their role to such an extent it poses a consistent and significant risk to operation.

Cognisco helps organisations realise the potential of their workforce whilst identifying, managing and mitigating specific gaps in understanding, competence and confidence that may present a risk either to the customer, the embedded culture, operational effectiveness, reputation, shareholder value and the employee.

Data, reports and analytics are delivered through our my*KNOW platform together with our unique assessment approach, developed with our in house team of expert occupational psychologists.

By addressing developments across Finance and Retail Banking with Cognisco ensures:

1. All staff understand why, how and when to use the knowledge they have been given.

2. The company align the specific learning and training resources to support each individual as and when they need it.

3. Management sees and understands any emergent trends or issues that require remedial action, early intervention and pre-emption, thus avoiding major and costly issues.

4. The company can build and espouse a culture that is capable of engaging staff and teams as well as creating customer centricity.

5. The company can provide evidence of competence, behaviour and confidence of all staff, online, real time to regulatory and governing bodies.

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