Social Care, my*KNOW and our *Care Assessments

Cognisco helps organisations to maximise the potential of their people while managing and mitigating the risk posed through misplaced confidence, a lack of competence or inappropriate actions or behaviour.

Right people, right place, right time

This vital and unique insight into your workforce, means you can recruit manage and deploy people with the right skills and identify and address knowledge and understanding gaps and mitigate and pre-empt exposure to risk.

For Social Care providers, this means the tools they need to meet demands of the Care Act including evidencing compliance, assurance and governance and the means to develop and empower staff to deliver excellent and person centred care continuously.

Not only will you be sure that you have a team of highly competent and compassionate carers that truly understand their needs, but you will be able to prove it too.

This will mean you build a better and more productive way of working together to support the resident or services user.

So how could working with Cognisco benefit you as a provider specifically?

For your People
People are generally happier and perform better when they know and are confident that they are doing the right thing. Individuals are empowered by being recognised and identified as an “expert” and others tend to follow and gravitate towards them.

People tend to learn, retain and develop their knowledge and confidence more effectively when learning and evaluation is a consistent process rather than a bi-annual event for everyone.

It is easier for people to fix gaps in their learning themselves when they know specifically what it is they don’t understand and are given the tools to address it.
Evidence would suggest that organisations that develop their people, retain them longer.

For Management/Executive
We correlate understanding and confidence.
People who don’t understand but think they do, pose the greatest risk. This could be as high as 30% of your workforce.

Those who do understand but are too afraid to speak up when required, come a close second.

On average 20% of your people will more than likely have excellent knowledge and the confidence to use it. It is these people you use to guide and motivate others.

Board Assurance / Risk Reduction
The ability to see and evidence that all staff are currently competent and understand how to perform their role to the standards you expect of them demonstrates a promise your residents and their families.

This differs from a situation where you are able to simply say that an individual attended training on a given day. For example, currently most providers have no measure and evidence that people actually understood the training at the time, or that they currently still understand what they learned on the training.

A record of employees attending training is not the same as evidence that they are currently competent.

The ability to “roll-back” to any previous date to see evidence of an individual’s level of competence and training details on any day in question. For example, should an incident occur and you are required to investigate, you will have the records to hand to evidence that you have been diligent in maintaining a good level of competence and understanding across the organisation.

As and when you are audited, you will have these records and reports to hand and will be able to provide them easily.

Better Recruitment and Workforce Planning
Current values-based recruitment approaches do not take into account an individual’s understanding of Person Centred Care or give you any real indication of how the person is likely to act or behave in any given circumstance. By asking candidates to take a Cognisco Care assessment, you will know accurately what they know and how they are likely to work with your residents in an hour or less.

This reduces your risk in recruiting them considerably.
By having an accurate and up to date view across your entire operation you will be far better placed to make decisions around workforce planning and deployment.

More from your existing investments in L&D and Development
Our online assessments will tell you which parts of your current training course/materials are working well and which need improvement. By regularly assessing people you will only need to invest in training or manage those people who you know have knowledge or understanding gaps through regular observations.

The assessments can link to existing training or learning materials. As the assessment identifies gaps in people’s knowledge it will direct them to the relevant learning materials so that they can improve.

The Cognisco my*KNOW system does not replace your existing systems it simply provides a more informed lens across them all and gives you one view of all your people data.

Better People Development
The data and insight provided by my*KNOW will enable you to target your training and development activities more accurately. This means you will be developing individuals based on their specific needs (Person Centred Development) and requirements, rather than providing costly and often ineffective, blanket training.

Cognisco has seen organisations make significant and dramatic savings by working in this manner. We also believe that taking this approach is likely to improve staff retention rates too.

Market Advantage
Every care provider says they provide excellent and Person Centred Care and many claim they are experts in Dementia Care.

By working with Cognisco, you will now be able to prove it.


Find out more about our leading Dementia Care assessment here


For more information and to arrange further discussion contact:

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