Evidence Competent & Capable Teams


Cognisco provides organisations working in high risk industries, often with a mobile and disparate or fluid workforce the ability to identify, build and monitor individuals and teams of employees who are currently competent, qualified, licenced and capable whom are tasked with carrying out a given task or operation within our my*KNOW People Risk platform.

Not only can my*KNOW help you meet compliance and regulatory requirements by providing you relevant and real-time data on the competence and confidence of each individual at specific times and dates, this level of data also means regulated firms are able to reduce the significant cost, time and resource involved in any incident related litigation or enquiry.

Cognisco have been working with high risk and regulated companies for over 17 years and understand that simply holding a record of employee certificates, licences and training courses is not enough when you need to be confident that the people you select today are currently qualified, licenced, trained and competent to work or deliver in the way you need them to at any given time.


Following this;

Cognisco enables organisations to realise the full potential of their workforce, whilst identifying, managing and mitigating possible gaps in understanding, competence and confidence that could pose a risk either to the individual, team, project, or the organisations efficiency and reputation, service or their end users.

Data, reports and analytics are delivered through our my*KNOW People Risk platform, giving a single view for workforce competence, compliance and confidence which also pushes and pulls only the relevant data across your existing systems. This is coupled together with our unique approach to assessment which identifies individual’s likely behaviour within specific aspects of their role. All of Cognisco’s content is validated with our in-house team of expert psychologists and consultants.

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Discover how we’re helping the likes of Network Rail, John Lewis, National Grid, Thames Water, Eurostar, Anglian Water and Optimise build, deploy and monitor their workforce efficiently, meeting regulatory obligation without an overhaul of their existing systems and platforms.

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