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Cognisco is a people business. Through assessments, data, insight and evidence we are changing the way organisations think about workforce transformation, learning and compliance.

Confidence – Competence – the new imperative.

Effective organisations rely on competent people being able to act with confidence.

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GDPR a key opportunity for HR and L&D.

GDPR is about people not just data or process and HR and L&D have a key role to play. Get on the front foot now with our rapid and robust assessment that will SHOW you what your people know and understand.

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Data Centre experts see Cognisco as critical.

Data Centre Learning leaders and Cognisco Partner, CNET share how they are using Cognisco's my*KNOW to deliver vital evidence and insight to underpin their training solutions.

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Situational Judgement Approach

Use of Situational Judgment Responses to assess healthcare workforce knowledge and readiness to enact critical patient safety skills and behaviours.

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