Cognisco Underground Utility Services Programme

Underground Utilities- Could your licence to operate be at risk?

The Challenge:

Every year across the UK, striking underground utility services can injure, seriously harm and in very few instances kill members of your workforce, and by law organisations and individuals must take the correct precautions.

Yet, despite a variety of utility avoidance tools, bi-annual staff training courses and Learning & Development programmes, strikes still happen. Couple this with a tendency from certain members of your workforce having a “we’ve always done it this way” attitude towards Health & Safety initiatives and procedures, creates an immediate risk to your organisation and staff’s wellbeing.

Industry Focus:

– Reducing utility services strikes
– Build and deploy competent and compliant teams
– Uplift understanding of Health & Safety around utility services avoidance
– Evidence safety and compliance of each staff member and team
– Meeting ‘The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989’
– Maintain Licence to Operate

Cognisco’s easy to implement, robust and effective Underground Utility Services programme provides you with the insight and evidence you need to:

Identify attitudes towards strike avoidance and health & safety initiatives, reveal knowledge and development gaps and set out remedial plans to uplift understanding by measuring:

– Risk taking tendencies
– Susceptibility to misinterpret what to do
– Tendency to strike utility services
– Best practice

Targeting areas for change in behaviour to:

– Increase safety behaviour
– Reduce reputational and financial risk
– Reduce the likelihood of a fatality

Many incidents from the past indicate that a record of employees attending a training course is not the same as evidence that they are currently competent nor do these courses provide any evidence that individuals understand what they are taught. By partaking in the Cognisco Underground Utility Services programme not only will you have readily deployable compliant and competent teams, you will be able to prove it too.

Using our unique methodology and situational judgement assessment scenarios, Cognisco reveals what your workforce knows and understands, misunderstands and how confident they are in applying their knowledge and the training they have been provided. By building up a picture of an individual’s or teams’ likely behaviour in certain situations and where any potential risks are revealed, will allow you to plan for remedial action.

The evaluation is delivered through our People Risk platform my*KNOW, which incorporates a seamless audit trail which can be rolled back to any point in time. Validation of ‘tick-box’ compliance, training and qualifications, directs individuals to the specific learning materials and resources which focus on the actual development requirements, which reduces the likelihood of any ‘sheep-dip’ training.


– Uplift in efficiency, understanding of H&S initiatives and their importance

– Visibility across workforces, engineers, teams, and roll back audit capability

– Risk reduction and strike reduction

– Competent, qualified and compliant workforce

– Build a culture of self-development and learning

– Reveal specific training needs for each team member

– Skills Passport feature vital for Safety Critical Roles

– All in one place: my*KNOW


To find out how Optimise are using the programme click here.



By Cognisco

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