We will change your perspective on your business issues, by providing the data, analytics and evidence enabling you to make strategic people based decisions and deployments, to evidence regulatory compliance, reduce the cost of audit and litigation and to accurately target training investments and interventions.


Not so long ago, people thought Reputation and any risk associated with it is was readily managed and easily addressed by some fancy footwork from the PR team. Now, it is entirely tangible and measurable (ask Gerald Ratner, it cost him circa £500M). It’s worse today. Organisations hit by reputational damage can expect an instant

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This year’s Learning Technologies Conference was buzzing with new ideas and enthusiasm across the industry. Cognisco’s Owen Ashby presented in the main conference on People Risk, the perils of “recall testing” and the “unconscious incompetent”. Owen refers to work and research by Anders Ericsson in, “Peak: Secrets from the new science of expertise” and Matthew 

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ISO 27001 Certification – What it means: We take our customers data seriously, we protect it. All of our customers are able to rest assured that we are certified to secure their corporate information and manage threats to confidentiality. Our ISMS certification demonstrates that we have the processes in place to control security risks, protect

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What is a reiteration relapse? The word reiteration means to say or do something again, or many times over. Relapse is often used when a person who, after a period of improvement, becomes ill again or starts exhibiting prior bad behaviours – they relapse into a previous habit or condition. Marrying these terms in a

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As consumers our expectations are too high. We demand too much. And we are too quick to point the finger. And when things go wrong, it’s easy to complain, moan, up-sticks and move to another supplier. It feels good to cheer when organisations are hit with fines and we revel telling them directly what we

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Amanda Green, Principal Consultant This month, we attended the National Care Forum’s Annual Conference and together with our partner, care home operator Belong, we delivered a Masterclass to discuss how our Dementia*Care assessment has improved the capability of Belong’s staff to deliver high quality person-centred care for its residents and their families. Delivering consistent levels of

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