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Dementia Care Assessment launched by Cognisco will raise care standards in the UK

17 February 2015 – UK Care Home Providers will be able to gain accurate insight into the competency of Carers working with Dementia sufferers thanks to a unique assessment for Carers launched by People Risk specialists Cognisco, in conjunction with leading, Care Operator, Belong.

The Dementia*Care assessment aims to raise standards of Dementia Care in the UK  and it is being showcased at Social Care 2015 – the UK’s leading Social Care conference on February 17th.

For the first time, Care Home Providers will have a simple, highly accurate and affordable way of measuring the competency of Carers and auditing and evidencing the quality of care provided to report to regulators, residents and their families.

Improving Care Standards and increasing the robustness and transparency of information about resident care is high on the government’s agenda.

Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England and independent dementia champion recently said, “With Increasing transparency needed in the care sector, it is really important that care providers are able to show evidence to both regulators and also residents and their families that they are delivering a high quality and bespoke, personalised care service.”

The Dementia*Care assessment uses situational judgement questions based on real life scenarios to test Carers knowledge, competence and confidence in areas of their roles.

The modules cover Resident’s health and experience, their understanding of Dementia and Care Strategies including how to deliver person centred care.

The assessment results highlight any gaps and areas requiring development and illustrate how Carers are likely to  think, act and behave in their roles.

Providers gain insight into the competence levels of their entire workforce, enabling them to better plan their recruitment strategies and training, enabling them to  target training where it is needed most, reducing training costs and improving individual performance quickly.

Phil Orton, Head of People Management & Development at Belong said, “We are delighted to have contributed to the development of this pioneering assessment with Cognisco. Like all Care Providers our goal is to deliver the highest standards of care consistently and to provide assurance to residents and their families. This much needed assessment is a potential game changer for the social care sector providing for the first time, a simple and effective way of measuring and demonstrating competence of a workforce in line with providing best practice dementia care.”

Mary Clarke, CEO, Cognisco said, “We are delighted to have had the chance to work with Belong to launch our Dementia*Care Assessment.   This assessment addresses a clear need in the Social Care market and we are looking forward to discussing it with Care Providers at Social Care 2015.”

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