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Management Capability Program

The project is usually broken down into three phases:

Phase One – Administration of Management*KNOW – Perform and Engage


Cognisco has designed a set of assessments with the Chartered Institute of Management.  There are currently two assessments designed specifically to measure Employee Engagement (Engage) and Performance Management (Perform).

These assessments capture the current mindset of the manager, how they would engage with their staff and how they would manage individual performance of staff members and their team.



Perform covers every aspect of management performance, from how managers should set strategic direction and objectives and gain buy-in from staff, to accurately assessing their own teams and managing performance, behaviour and career development. By using Perform to assess your managers, you will be able to test how well they are likely to manage the performance of your employees, helping them to achieve business goals and reach their full potential.



To ensure success, every business needs to engage their staff. An engaged workforce means more commitment and higher productivity levels. Not to mention, lower levels of absenteeism and staff turnover.

However, an engaged workforce needs managers who are fully committed to your organisation and its objectives, and who demonstrate the drive and passion to succeed. But how do you know if your managers are not only engaged, but capable of leading and inspiring their teams?

Engage assesses managers on the core competencies that we believe are essential for engagement. It focuses on your managers’ ability to communicate and share information and how they involve their teams in the decision making process. The module also looks at how managers are likely to motivate others, assesses their ability to facilitate change and provide direction, build relationships and ensure that their teams understand the organisation’s goals and objectives, as well as how their roles contribute to business achievement.


High Level Results Presentation

Following the successful completion of both Perform and Engage by your managers, Cognisco will present the findings to the Senior Management on the final outcomes.  Cognisco will also outline some recommendation on the strategy you might like to adopt based on the findings and best practice in other organisations.


Phase Two – Coaching Sessions for Manager Personal Development


Your Managers will receive a coaching feedback session, provided by Cognisco Consultants. These sessions provide feedback of assessment results and a framework for targeted development. These sessions are designed to enable managers to develop their skills in order to drive management best practice.  This will support and empower managers to achieve high management standards throughout your organisation, culturally creating the desired management mind-set through coaching, and potentially mentoring their own team.


Intervention Period

Following the initial results presentation and coaching feedback sessions, there will be an agreed period for targeted interventions and self-development. You may develop this yourself or in conjunction with Cognisco and/or CMI.


Phase Three – Re-assessment of Engage and Perform

After an agreed period, Cognisco will re-assess the managers to establish any improvements in Understanding and Confidence to evaluate the interventions implemented.


Final Results and Recommendations Presentation

A final presentation and summary report will be provided, detailing pre and post intervention results and recommendations for further development.

Fee Structure:


This is one approach that uses both Perform and Engage Assessments and assumes a pre and post assessment model. If you’re interested in discussing other options or would like more details on costs please get in touch.

In the meantime, why not download our Management*Know Cost calculator and explore other options available to you: Cognisco & CMI-Management*KNOW – Fee Structure Calculator


Who to contact:

T: 01234 757520


Download and share your PDF version: Management Capability Program