Maximise People Potential & Minimise People Risk

Cognisco helps organisations to maximise the potential of their people while managing and mitigating the risk posed through misplaced confidence, a lack of competence or inappropriate actions or behaviour.


For over 17 years Cognisco has provided companies in highly regulated environments unmatched levels of insight about their investment in people. This vital and unique insight into your workforce, means you can identify and address knowledge and understanding gaps, and mitigate and pre-empt exposure to risk.

You can do this in one place, my*KNOW, our SaaS based People Risk platform, which integrates with a company’s existing ERP & HR systems and with their learning management systems, content systems and any other type of observation test or assessment they define.

my*KNOW provides a single point through which employees and their managers take assessments, see & manage reports, identify priorities, gain access to relevant learning material, collate and present evidence (e.g. CPD), build and manage teams and competencies and provide reports and analytics back to the business.

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